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Changing Careers


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Fixed wing forums have a section titles "Changing Careers." Whether or not the intentions of that section was for people leaving traditional jobs for flying or the other way around I'm not sure, but it seems the many of the topics there are from current pilots who are fed up with their careers. In trolling around different fixed wing and rotor wing forums, I get the sense that there are less disgruntled helicopter pilots - maybe the disgruntled helicopter pilots just don't come on forums to talk about their problems, maybe you don't see it as much because there are many more fixed wing pilots than rotor wing, so there's less likelihood of coming across a disgruntled pilot's post...


Anyway, I'm curious to hear peoples thoughts on why it appears there are more fed up fixed wing pilots vs rotor wing. Are rotor wing jobs that much sweeter, and if so, why? It seems both professions have their fare share of sacrifices, and maybe even more-so with helicopters because jobs are fewer and farther between, schedules may be more brutal starting out, etc.

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