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What helicopter is this?

Black Bear

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Does anyone know what the helicopter in the Eurocopter ad is, on the back of the latest issue of Rotor and Wing? My best guess is a 145, but after looking at some photos, I'm not sure.

I know the picture. It's the one where the ship has landed on a compass rose.....but it's a nice drawing, not an actual photo. I guessed it was an EC145-T2 with the fenestron because you can see the twin vertical stabilizers in back..........maybe it's a teaser for the latest version 145? They seem to keep improving it every year or two.

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That's what I was thinking too Goldy, but it seems smaller than the 145 and the blades rotate counter clockwise which has me curious as to whether it's a teaser for a completely new aircraft.

and the vertical fins in back seem larger, like the original 145.....yet the airframe is sleeker and most 145's don't have a landing light facing straight out...its lower. There are lots of small things different. It might just be an artist rendering, and he made features wherever the artist wanted!

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