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Best road for civilian to WOFT

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Hey all,


Just wanted to say I am loving this forum. It is not easy to get infromation on the WOFT program, not even from a recruiter. To say the least this forum has been a life saver. Sorry if some of my questions seem to simple but I am just looking for clarification.


I am 23, and currently go to Humboldt State University. I have 3 more semesters until I will get my BS. I also have about 15 hours of fixed wing lessons accomplished. I like school, however I am not passionate about it. I really just want to get into the cockpit and fly.


Should I finish out school or just apply with my current credits(85 total)? Is there a true advantage to completing my degree or using existing credits?


Would work as a Emergeny Medical Technichian look good as being apart of my packet?


Can I be be guaranteed into the WOFT program before enlisting?


The most important question of all,


What would you WOs and the like suggest as the best road to take from here?


Any advice is appreciated as I am still learning a lot about the WOFT program and what it will take. Thankfully, I know I can get much more honest and sincere advice here than from a recruiter.




Andrew B.


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