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A careers class project favor


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Hello All,



I am currently taking an aviation careers class which involves a project of my "career pipeline". At the moment I am a commercial student and I'm planning on getting all my ratings through CFII. I need to have three informational interviews over the phone with three different pilots at different stages of their careers. I already have the CFI level interview done but I would like to interview an agricultural, tours, oil industry, forestry, and an EMS pilot. I'm also open to other opportunities like ENG and charter pilots. If anyone is interested in sharing information with me about their current company I would really appreciate it. If you are open to this just shoot me a PM and I will start my questionnaire. Thank you for your time.



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Ag, fire, utility, corporate, EMS, law enforcement, flight instruction, tours, etc. Have done most of everything, am doing a little of a few things. Turning wrenches, too. Even some airline work in there, somewhere (we don't talk about that).

Since when? He does them all at the same time, too!

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Helonorth: still failing to contribute, one post at a time, since day one.


You're consistent, I'll give you that.


Unfortunately, you're not much good for anything else here, are you? Your only contributions seem to enter a thread to heckle other posters, but never to actually offer anything of value. Why is that?

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