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Helicopter ATP -- when or where is it useful?


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Hey all,

I'm an Army aviator and am just shy of the hour requirements to qualify for the restricted ATP license. I am finishing my fixed-wing add-on ratings right now and prepping for to take a multi-engine ATP practical. My question is in regards to helicopters, however.

What doors open up for aviators with a helicopter ATP (if any)?

Aside from a higher level FAA certification potentially showing a greater mastery of the trade, what job opportunities are there? For airplane pilots, an ATP is a no-brainer (e.g. scheduled carriers) for increasing prospects. I suppose there may be something similar for rotary-wing pilots, but I haven't seen it as a hiring minimum anywhere.


For those of you with ATPs, does your job require it?

If not, do you believe it was beneficial to you acquiring your current job?

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Phi wants atp pilots and require it to be captain for med and heavys. They require at least the written to get an upgrade from light ship to an sic position.


In fact, to get hired for light ship, they want enough night time to meet the atp requirements. You can get the rest( inst, xc time) in the gulf. That way one day when they want to move you up they can.


That's one place where it matters.

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My EMS company will be requiring an ATP in the next year or so. Most pilots here already have it.

Where is "here" generally ? Oregon ?

My DO said our company would be very interested in helping me get my ATP rotary. He insinuated that could happen during my annual training. I hope when I bring it up again he hasn't completely forgotten.

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When, and where, it's useful is in getting a job, and in higher starting pay. You will likely never actually use the ATP, but it's becoming a requirement for being hired for a commercial position. A number of companies pay more for pilots with an ATP, even if they hire CPs, and if two candidates have similar qualifications otherwise, the ATP will always have an edge. Bottom line - get it.

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