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prior-USMC to WOFT

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Age: 30
SIFT: 48
APFT: 275
College: Columbia University (have not graduated yet)
Flight Time: 0
LoRs: I will have an O-4 OH-58 pilot, I will request a LOR from a senior CWO through him. And more than likely some high ranking Air Force pilots known to me through my dad.

Battalion Board: Not Yet

Prior Service: 12 years USMC Infantry/Sniper/MARSOC Critical Skills Operator. 7 total deployments, 3 combat, 4 Marine Expeditionary Units. Final year worked admin at Wounded Warrior Battalion. Currently IRR.

Waivers: None
Other: Licensed skydiver, SCUBA certified, experienced outdoorsman, motorcycle enthusiast.

I recently got out of the Marine Corps and I now attend Columbia University in NYC. While I enjoy some aspects of college and will complete my degree at some point, I know now that this specific school is not for me, nor is its location. My father is an Air Force test pilot and currently Chief Test Pilot for Commercial planes at Boeing so I have been around aviation all my life and have worked with many throughout my military career. I have been thinking about pulling the trigger on this package for quite some time now and I feel like I am now ready to go. I plan on applying to an FY14 board January or May depending on my ability to complete the package. Just a few questions for the board:

Does anyone know of a competent WO recruiter in the NYC area?

Do I need a conditional release from the IRR?

How does a non-Army (Navy) physician submit my flight physical to Ft Rucker?

I'm sure I will have many more questions, but for now thank you for your time.



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Welcome to the board devil. Glad to see another Marine join the ranks, even if you are more badass than everyone here having been a CSO haha.


As for finding a competent recruiter, its kind of a spaghetti toss. Chuck it at the wall see what sticks, just go around to different recruiters. If one seems like he doesnt care or doesnt know anything, move on.


As for IRR.. How much longer do you have in IRR? If your time is done before boards then no. If you have 2 years left, you will need a DD-368 Conditional Release, should be pretty easy to get in IRR.


As far as flight physicals, I believe, correct me anyone else if Im wrong, that he finishes it and just mails it to Rucker. But you want to follow up on it, because it can get lost in the shuffle.


Take time to read this thread, especially the PDF at the beginning, a lot of good gouge http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/13468-warrant-officer-flight-training/


Welcome to the board and good luck man, let us know if you need anything.



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Hopefully Phrog will catch this thread and chime in, he's a Ssgt in SMCR air wing unit. He said he submitted his package as a civilian with the exception of using his DD-368. My recruiters are under the impression Im submitting an AD package. Since Phrog already got selected, Im going to go on a limb and say he's correct.


I would go ahead and get your DD-368 signed (Find a recruiter and have them fill one out so you can send it off to whoever is your Company Co for IRR). If you happen to finish IRR before package finished, easier. But if you want to submit it for January or May like Im trying to do, the 368 is a must. From what I can tell, the civilian package is similar to the AD one, but just does require some of the stuff they do. Eventually once the rest of the forum wakes up they can chime in more about it because we have a lot of people here who've already been selected.

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Like Redparcher said, read up on that thread and that PDF, it will give you lots of information on what you need as a civilian. Since you're IRR, you'll run through the exact same process as a civilian would but you do need a 368. I'm not sure if Marine IRR is the same, but I had to contact Army HRC and have them do it as I didn't really have a company CO in IRR. The recruiters can't do anything with you until you have a signed 368 so make sure that's done first and then you can move through the rest of the process.


As for the flight physical, I had mine done at a NAS because it was far closer than any Army center and they forwarded it to Rucker from there. I followed up with Rucker immediately to make sure it got there and despite a small issue of a stamp not being pressed down hard enough, everything went fine.

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Hey brother, welcome. You are going to need a conditional release as technically you are still beholden to the Corps and no Army recruiter will touch you until you are off contract or have that release. Should be a relatively simple process and you may be able to submit via EPAR on MOL though you will still need the signature of the first GO in your CoC. You will be competing with civilians through the WOFT program, though. The flight physical can be performed by a Naval facility. There was another guy on here somewhere who had it done down in New River. Key is to have them get ahold of Rucker for the Army specific requirements. If you have anything else shoot me a PM. Semper Fly.

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I don't know how much this will help considering I was AF, but my recruiter did all the work (printed the DD 368 and contacted whoever) and I just went into their office and signed the paper. They called me a week later and I was out of IRR and continued on with the WOFT process.

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Get a recruiter, tell him you need to start a DD-368, then take it once its filled out to whatever command you report to in the IRR.


For the security clearance you want to get a "JPAS Report", any security manager will be able to pull it up and print it out in 20 seconds with your SSN. I would walk into your nearest Marine reserve center and just ask them to do you the favor and see if it flies. The Navy is a little funny about access, seems like every e8 army I was deployed with had access though. And from my experience with pulling mine 3 times with different groups, it didnt matter if I was attached to that command or not, all they needed was someone that could log in and my SSN. First place to check would be the recruiting station when you go into get your DD-368 started, they might be able just to print it right there.

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