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Worried about my credentials

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Hello everyone,


Ive been researching about starting a Warrant Officer packet. Ive been asking around and from what ive gathered from my research as well is that is very competitive. See ive been in the army for 5 years E5 Afghanistan right now, trying to reclass. A little bit about my asvab scores is i have a GT of 117 but NONE of my line scores are over 110. They say a GT score of 110 can get you any job. NOT TRUE!!! They look at your line scores as well. So my question is. Is there any set line scores to get into this MOS?


I was also wondering about LOR do you really need a Flight Warrant to write you one or could it be any high ranking field grade officer or even a Ret. personnel? If so i have 2 full bird COL. and a Ret. W05 (Marines). How much wieght do they hold?


I want honest opinions there not going to hurt my feelings i need the good and the bad. I Thank You in advance.




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I am sure they look at your ASVAB scores. They use the total-Soldier (or person or Marine) concept when screening applicants. As far as your LOR's, you are required to have a Flight Warrant Officer. For the others, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do they know you well (ie have they worked with you) and is their input value-added. I can-x'd a Flag LOR because the write-up was just fluff.

Be confident in your quals/experience. Not everyone has the opportunity to be a Sergeant. To paraphrase, Shake what the Army gave ya'. My $.02

Semper Fly and Good Luck

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