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CFI job market / School advice


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Hi everyone,


After reading many forums for a long time I decided it was time to register and post all the remaining doubts that I have (a lot <img src=/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/JHAltForums/emoticons/tongue.gif width=20 height=20> )


About me: permanent resident, european passport (Spain), 31 years old, 300h fixed wing (Cpl/ME+IR).


Goal: working as a heli pilot. Here in the US and maybe in a future in Europe, North Sea.




-From your own experience and what you see everyday, how is the real situation of the CFI market right now? How tough is to bet that first CFI job?. Is it realistic to think I'm going to find a job after graduating if I give my best during the course and I'm proactive with all the schools, marketing myself, etc.......?


-Reading about heli add ons, I found out I could get my heli ratings easily, not a huge investment, but I would barely have 100h of heli after the training, wich makes me think that I wouldn't be marketable at all. Even if my total time is around 400h, my heli time would be ridiculous. Would it make sense to start from zero so I can get those 200? More or less....

Otherwaise if I pay extra 100h it would coste me the same.


-any big school out there like Transpac, with many international students, who usually hires their graduates?. In case that doesn't exist in heli world, wich school would you recomend me?. I'm single and I can move to any state. Any "heli state"?




Than you all for your time, patience and advice.

Felices vuelos

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