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Instrument Test Prep 2014


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What's up guys? Anyone know a website where I can check out the updated questions for the 2014 FAA Instrument Written? Everywhere I go is just to buy the book.


I've been studying the 2013 version, and understand that the 2014 is out. I heard that there are only around 20 questions added, and some taken away so I hate to buy a whole new book for 20 questions or so.


Any help, or link would be awesome.

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Because most of the bean counters at the FAA are fixed wing pilots, they have to put them in there to justify their existence. I had a couple of guys come out to certify an AATD sim I built once, neither had any rotary experience but proceeded to add several items that were functioning perfectly to the defect list for correction. Needless to say, once I looked it over and explained that in a helicopter things work differently and they HAD to be that way based on the detailed FAA requirements set out by the agency they were working for, they were quickly removed from the list.

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I just sat the written test today and wanted to share a couple of things.

There is a new supplement included, with around 100 pages of approach & departure plates and some A/FD pages too. This new supplement is all in color and some of these plates are updates of what is in the original booklet. This new supplement is dated February 2014.

My test was actually 65 questions. I wonder if they included some new, example questions for future tests as I was advised this may happen on my CPL test (but I only had 100 questions on that one)?

There were quite a few questions I hadn't seen before, and many referenced this new supplement.

Most weren't hard, but there were two that stand out.

One questions references the old booklet, but the answers are all wrong (really!). So I started flicking through the new supplement to see if I could find any help, and sure enough, there's an updated plate and the correct answer can be found using that.

The second question didn't specifically mention helis or airplanes, but the airplane answer was correct. All the other questions I had did specifically mention helis in terms of wx etc.

Let me know if you have any further queries & I'll try help further.


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