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He came, he saw...


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He became a Certified Flight Instructor! Just had my CFI check ride today and will now be able to go to HeliSuccess and not be fibing when I tell people I'm a CFI!


Start to finish it went awesome. I'm glad to be able to call myself a CFI and be able to join the ranks who are. I can't wait until I get my first student and can REALLY start learning some things.


I hope everyone's Tuesday has gone as well as mine! :-)

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Congratulations! Definitely went better than my Tuesday- my morning consisted of showing up to work early to be prepared for the daily brief and made the ritual stop at my desk to drop off my stuff and fire up the computer. As I set down I found my self sitting in a puddle of cat piss. I hopped in my car and made the commute back home without sitting down in the car seat all the way to go home and clean up and change flight suites. Made it back late to the daily brief with a charming story for the rest of the pilots. (And I wasn't the only one the cat left a little surprise for- I was just the lucky one that sat in it). AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS ENJOY YOUR HARD EARNED LICENSE! Watch where you sit:)

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Thanks everyone. It's been a long road for sure, but I'm looking forward to where it takes me






I look forward to spending some time with you at Heli Sucess.


I arrived in Vegas a few hours ago.


Training 20 CFIs as FITS SBT Facilitators tomorrow at Elite/Coast.



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