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Helicopters for a "Good Cause"

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In addition to being noisy and burning a lot of fuel, helicopters are used for a lot of jobs that, to some people, wouldn't be considered "a good cause". GOM, pipeline patrol, logging, ENG for mass media, filming for Hollywood, spraying chemicals, commercial tours of national parks, and so on. In other words, it's easy to hate on the helicopter industry.


So, I'm curious, what are some flying jobs out there that exist in order to do good things for humanity, wildlife, or the environment?


Here's all I can think of at the moment:

  • Police
  • EMS
  • SAR
  • Firefighting
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Tours "raise awareness" of our national treasures. The politically correct always say that's a good thing.


Commercial fishing feeds the hungry. The politically correct can't be against feeding people, can they ? Then they can give a man a fish.

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Every so often, our organization will conduct bird and fish surveys. In addition to that, vegetation management surveys to limit wildfires and to track the spread of non-native evasive species. And, inspect public water tables at reservoirs including transfer infrastructure……..


Simply watch some of Earl Watters game capture videos and it’s not only the humanitarian element that makes it cool but the flying altogether that makes it over the top…. Specifically, considering all of the helicopter jobs, having one where your customer requires you to fly low-level over the wilderness, and capture big game…. Way cool….

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Take EMS off that list of "good for humanity..." EMS is a COMMERCIAL operation first, last and always.


My wife got helicoptered off of a 14'er after a boulder broke her arm. Commercial or not, that ride saved her arm from getting infected and possibly her whole arm. She and I were both extremely glad it was available and for the people who risked their lives to help her!

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I would throw in that Intro flights (and lessons) are a good cause. This is what gets people interested in aviation. Who is going to complain about a :D like this from a child who just finished his or her first flight? Or an adult for that matter ...but there's is more like :D :D :D .....(how can I afford to continue?) :huh:

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Well.....economically....ask one of any of the millions whose job is related to aviation. Manufactures, airport support, pilots that get paid, etc.... Then take it all away. Now how many constituents will be making a noise!

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