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Success at Heli Success?

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I interacted with many friends and industry peers, put on a FAASTeam Wings presentation on pilot fatigue, got 8 pilots hired in various positions and other feet in the doors for interviews at other positions, drank a few beers and socialized with the VR group, trained four more FITS SBT Facilitators at Elite/Coast flt. training (total now 110 and this got 3 F/Is hired during Heli Success).


If I did not interact with you, you did not get in my face enough although Lyn does keep the Sarg. at Arms busy for both days and I am usually on the move.


Leaving Vegas now and heading back home to continue with follow up.


About 80-100 pilots found jobs this year, the most ever.


Best wishes to all and hope to hear about your related HS successes.



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Caught up with some of the friends I made last year, met some new ones, talked with a lot of guys transitioning out of the military (the spot where I was at last year) and hopefully helped some of them out. Listened to some great Randy Mains stories again. I wasn't looking for a job so that's everything I was hoping for.


Bonus: Some guys at the Wynn's poker room reimbursed me for the trip last night and I'm checking out day 1 of the SEMA show on the way home.

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I might be one of the guys Mike(and DP) helped get a foot in the door for an interview! Thanks Mike!

I'll definitely be back every year I can...It doesn't matter if I'm looking for a job at the time or not. The friendships started, and those renewed(because I'm really bad at keeping in touch with people, DP!) make this event priceless. Thanks Goldie and the rest of the VR folks I met for the encouragement!


Fly Safe!

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And by the way, sometimes it takes being in the lobby at 6am in Vegas to get coffee and face time with Mike, but it's well worth it! LISTEN TO WHAT HE HAS TO SAY!!

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