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WOCS 14-005. Report 13 Nov, start 25 Nov

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Just trying to scoop up any floaters out there. I've noticed there are many lower ranks in my upcoming class, mostly SPCs and PVTs. NCOs are in the minority, and there are a few Air Force transfers. If you've got CAC access, here is the class page: https://www.milsuite.mil/book/groups/wocs-14-005


See you next week!


Would you say that being a MECH helped a great deal in the fact that you were selected?


How much College Credits did you have, if any?


Just asking cuz i'm prior service-E5 (crew chief) with lots of time as a mech(as well as military aviation classes).

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I have familiarity with the field, and more importantly the community (i.e. letters of reference and helpful mentors!). Aside from that, WOFT really is MOS immaterial. I'm a few credits shy of a Bachelors. Being prior service is a rough road since you have to go through a recruiter (took me +2 years, going through 5 different recruiters! but persistence pays off...) This is a good place for resources to help you along the way. Truly- get most of your stuff done on your own before approaching the recruiters, it'll be in your favor for them to help you more along with the process. I did it all myself (was a prior recruiter myself, know the game) as much as I could so I could walk in the door ready to go, all they had to do was scan in my documents, build my packet, and send it forward.


Procedural steps here: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/


The hardest part is realizing you're basically applying as a civilian with a DD 214, otherwise stick with the civilian requirements (different from the military application in some major ways in regards to forms and such)

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