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Age 39 or 42 - does it really matter once past 30?


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Hi all,


sometimes your life just speeds up more than you want to.


I have recently decided to give the ATPL-H a go, ready to cash in my savings and a moderate loan. I figure that if all goes well, I could return to Europe fully trained and hopefully with 500h under my belt at 39 years old.


And now this: my employer has offered me a pretty attractive part time college program, all expenses paid. My current occupation is not my dream, but its a good job and of course my backup plan. The additional qualifications would make that backup rock solid. Problem: it would delay flight training for about 3 years realistically. PPL flying on the side no problem (fixed wing for financial reasons), but there's no way to do pro training while working and studying that program.


So may I ask what you would do? I know age does matter. I wish that 39 and 42 where equally good/bad because both are long past the prime flight training age anyway. On the other hand, if age 40 is a cut-off in the real world I better hurry, right?


In short: would employers who dont hire you at 42, hire you at 39?


Talking Euroland, mainly Offshore. Not many other options here.

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I'll tell you right now that if you have to compete for a job with others that have the same hours etc. that you do and you're 39 or 42 and they are under 35, you will lose every time. I've been told over and over how much they llike my attitude & I'd be a great fit but, I never get the job. The 30 year olds do. I'm 48 with more real world flying than a few guys that landed jobs I was trying for, because they say, younger guys/girls pick up on the training faster. I've been at it since 40.


Good luck to you. You're gonna need it.

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I don't know if age is why my last two interviews (which seemed to go great) didn't end in job offers, but one thing is for sure; At 42 I'm finding that I'm not willing to do a lot of the things the 20 year olds are to get the job! Maybe employers can sense that in older applicants?


By a helicycle and fly for fun. That's what I'd do if I had a better job!

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Age is irrelevant.


I'd be more concerned about being able to support myself during these years, because at 40 years old, it's time to be giving a lot of consideration to where you'll be in 20 years when your career is winding to a close.


Age 39 0r 42….makes no difference at all. Take the training.

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Wait a minute!!!!! 39 is way too old to start a flying career.....i should know barely made the cut off this year at 38!!!! Lol.


Seriously...dreams know no boundaries but those developed in the fear of the mind of the dreamer.

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