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No it doesn't matter what airframe you are.


You will have to do an LUH transition.


There is a board for that, details can be found on the HRC website.


You need to get an LUH transition and then get Rucker as an assignment.


I'm curious, why do you want to fly for flat iron?

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Although that mission may seem cool, you are in flight school. There are a lot of missions out there that are much cooler. Flat iron is there so you are exposed to it. Don't take my word for it though.


I'd suggest you go to flat iorn and talk to them. See if the pilots like the mission.


Also remember, LUH is a transition to a non deployable airframe. You will not see combat, you will not go to a maneuver unit. You will only be eligible for LUH duty assignments out of the course. I.e Rucker, Irwin, Polk, Belvoir and I believe Germany, not sure where else.


You wil be able to go back to other assignments after you have done an LUH one. For example, you qualify in 60's out of flight school. you go to LUH transition, do a tour in an LUH assignment and then go back to 60's.


I'm not sure if the Army is still doing that but a guy in my last unit came from lakotas. Needless to say he was not trying to go back.

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Maybe he really likes the beautiful LA area and doesn't want to leave? :)


If LUHs were single pilot it would be a cool assigment but they're not. If you really like the MEDEVAC mission I'd recommend doing it in 60s first. That way you at least get some go to war training and get to interact with ground units.

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So if I wanted I could transition to the LUH later in my career?

Correct... As long as the LUH is there.. Well, I guess they will be at a Rucker in some capacity anyway..


Take the advice of the others here... Hit the field first, then look around if you aren't satisfied.

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So if I wanted I could transition to the LUH later in my career?


Ok, I'm going to link you to the LUH branch desk where you can look at all that information.




Note: You will need to log in to AKO in order to access the site. If the link doesn't work. Login to HRC. Go to Officers - > Manuver - > Aviation -> and then you will see the OH-58 / LUH / XP desk. There you will find all the information on the LUH selection board.

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Flat iron and the other 72' units are fun and can be relaxing, however be forewarned; if you take one of those assignments as your first assignment you run the risk of being torpedoed when it comes time for your W3 board and beyond. We have a couple of guys in our unit now who once they got in the cycle of non-deployable MEDIVAC at Yakima, NTC, RTC, etc looked around and had been stagnant for 8-10 years and both were passed over for W4.


My recommendation would be to take an advanced (combat) aircraft assignment, get a little experience then try for one of the Lakota assignments.


Sounds odd, but there ain't that much war left to go around and your OERs will be competing with your flight school peers who have been to combat.



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