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Sikorski restarts production of the 300


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yippity do dah!..

If things keep up my spare parts are going to be the gold mine.


All you have to do is ask the right people... I have a spare TR DS I'd be willing to sell.

Funny, I never really saw a headline telling me that "Sikorsky STOPS production of 300"....even though we all knew its been dead for about the last 3 years now. Best thing they could do for the owners is sell the certificate off to someone who cares about 300's and wants to downsize and make production work. Apiaguy...you got some extra room in your hangar to start building some?

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Yes, I have room! Unfortunately they don't want to sell it... at least not as of last year...

They are interested in licensing it to an outside source... that has its own issues and doesn't allow much control of its future, just the opportunity to build more, which by the way, is how schweizer got started with it... so who knows how that could turn out.


They are interested in "complete" manufacture licensing...

Unfortunately I don't have the overall knowledge of manufacturing nor the bankroll to fund that kind of build up operation... make a guess what it would cost to get that production line up and ready!?


If you know some "high rollers" that are interested in helicopters let me know! I'd love to be part of it.

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