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Any 47 guys on here?

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I was just looking for some pointers on the transition. I head to AQC in Jan for the D model. Coming from the 58D it is going to be quite a change. I read the tandem rotor differences in the 203, but what else should I expect or look out for?

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Just keep your feet off the pedals. Everything else is the same. :)


Seriously though, us 58 guys tend to be pedal happy and its a no-no in the 47. This was tough to get used to - unlike the 58, you need to relax and let the 47 do the flying.


Otherwise, the 47 is a marvel - it somehow manages to fly just like a regular helicopter. It is remarkably responsive and nimble in terrain flight, and of course it has ridiculous power (especially when empty like during AQC). The most challenging part of the QC is memorizing all of the systems and procedures (more acronyms - yay!).


You're going to have a great time!

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