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Your dream flight

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Alright, time to relieve some stress from you guys waiting and people like me who are waiting on others also but in a different way.


List the number one aircraft on your bucket list that you want to fly before you die. Pilot in command you control everything... Doesn't matter the flight plan just the aircraft. Any aircraft, fixed or rotor wing, current or not but name it


I'll post mine after a few of you name yours.

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Easy. The Space Shuttle.

From what I've gathered on that thing, there isn't much flying to it and the little amount of flying that you do is very computer controlled. The mission on the other hand, I'm all about. I'd really want to get into a P-51D (cliche or not it's an amazing machine) and fly low level over a coastline or through an air race course. The Hind comes in a close second though AK, seems like it would be an experience to fly one.

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