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New guy with questions.

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Good Evening


I’m a new guy that joined this forum about a week ago. And like several of you guys and gals. Liked to serve my country as an army aviator. And I’m very grateful for all the info and insight that has been contributed. I’ve done some searching on the site and I have had a lot of my questions answered.


But I have one (maybe three) in particular that I can’t seem to get a straight. Any help with these is greatly appreciated.


1. Does the army reserve have WOFT slots that civilians can submit a packet for? Is it the same board, just a different checked box?

2. I talked to a WOSM at my home state. Got the no/go due to no prior guard enlistment from the guy. Is it better to find someone in the unit and start a dialogue and see where it goes?

3. Is cold calling unit in various states close to me and trying to set up a visits the best way to find a unit that is looking for off the street candidates?


A little about me. I work for Northrop Grumman as a UAV pilot (Global Hawk). Just turned 30. 4 year degree.


Thank you very much for any assistance. And if any you fine gentleman are by Pax river NAS. I'd love to buy you a beer or several.



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Every state has units, just less slots. A LOT less slots now. Ng has to have units in each state to fulfill our dsca mission. Your state will at least have hawks and Lakota. You need to get in touch with your state aviation office to find out about the boarding process

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Apologizes for the tardiness, Thanksgiving is finally wearing off.


I'd really want to go guard. I called a Warrant recruiter in Southern California (I'm originally from the Northern part..the better part) and was told I'd have to enlist, then submit a packet, and I was at the whim of the aviation community. That part i understand, I know they'll want a return on me if (the all mighty in heaven forbid) I wash out of flight training.


I have a friend who has a buddy thats a guard pilot in the area I'm going to contact and see where it goes.



Ill go to any state or any unit that will have me. Im hoping someone may know of a state that is in critical need. And if I cant get army wings that way. Then ill go active.


So, if anyone knows of a state that is looking...

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