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Will I be competitive?

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Hello everyone!


I'm graduating from college in about a year and started researching my military options. I've done extensive research about the WOFT "high school to flight school" program, but have a few questions regarding my competitiveness.


I will graduate with a decent GPA (3.4) and I know I can pass the APFT with a 300 or near it. I'm not worried about scoring high on the SIFT or ASVAB and I will most likely have finished my PPL by graduation.


My concerns:


1) I've had to work a lot of part time jobs throughout college in order to support myself. However, most of these jobs have been "menial", with little opportunity for leadership. Will this set me back?


2) I had a couple of employers from highschool who I had to leave due to disagreements. Will the military contact all of my previous employers?


Any thoughts would be great. If I nailed the SIFT, ASVAB, APFT and keep my GPA up will I stand a chance even without leadership work experience?


Thanks everyone

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The competitive nature of the boards change from board to board but for a general idea of the stats of people who have been selected, check this link:



Having a high GPA on a college degree, a PPL, and a high PT score will only help you. I'd say you would definitely be competitive if you ended up with that, but as has been said, you'll never have a chance unless you submit.

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Thank you, I feel comparable to the other candidates besides leadership experience. If I don't get accepted the first time, i know my application gets sent through again, but after that I need to wait 6 months. How many times can I re apply?


Also, what else can I do, in the long run, to boost my resume? There's a civilian air patrol location about 2.5 hours away I was thinking of joining. Should I work on my EMT?

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I have a feeling that anything you do to improve yourself will be looked upon kindly. It shows initiative. It is all in how you spin your experience. One cannot be blamed because they have not had the opportunity to step up and lead. What many people fail to realize is that it takes a person who understands how to follow in order to be a great leader.

There are a lot of "ifs" in your original post. Don't sit and wonder if. If this is something you want, make it happen. "Make" being the operative word.

Given the information you have provided, you stand as good of a chance as any.

Semper Fi

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