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E-5 Going 153A in the spring.....Questions

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Morning guys,


I was selected for the Sept 13 board and my phase II date is in march. I was hoping to get some advice on how to tailer my career as an aviator they way I want. First is airframe choice, many people keep asking and I have no answer. I try to explain the class ranking process and not all airframes will be available to every class. But I also want to make an educated choice. Will I get more flights hours on any particular airframe? Will they all transfer into a civillian job after I retire? Will I have the opportunity to fly multiple airframe down the line? Will selecting a particular airframe cause me to be away more? (training/deployment) I would ultimately like to gain some experience and submit a packet for 160th. Would one particular airframe be used more? Do they prefer pilots with certain training? And finally, life as an Aviator in general? Alot of time away? chances for training other than flying? Duty station options? Any advice is appreciated.




SGT Bogert

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Well, where to start.


Airframes: who cares. Throw a dart at a collage of pictures. Some fly a little more, some fly less. With zero deployments figure 150 hrs at Rucker and 130ish a year thereafter. Do the math. Army flying doesnt totally set you up if you only stay for the 6 year ADSO. The 160th really doesnt care what you fly. You might get an aircraft swap in the big army, you might not.


You might enjoy this, and you might not.


Your day is consumed by random taskings and additional duties piled on to make it seem like we do a lot. You on average will fly once a week, and plan for a couple hours the day before.


It is the truth.


Now, we are flying world class equipment with great training, and we get paid well.

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