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Heli Expo & IHST Symposium


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The International Helicopter Safety Team

Announces its

Seventh International Helicopter Safety Symposium – 2014

February 27-28, 2014

Anaheim Convention Center – Anaheim, California, USA



The IHST, which promotes safety and works to reduce civil helicopter accidents worldwide, was formed in 2005 to lead a government and industry cooperative effort to address factors that were affecting an unacceptable helicopter accident rate. The group’s vision is an international civil helicopter community with zero accidents with a goal to reduce the international civil helicopter accident rate by 80 percent by 2016.


The Seventh International Helicopter Safety Symposium (IHSS 2014) will review the international helicopter community’s progress toward this goal and encourage an industry discussion about pilot self-discipline and personal responsibility. In addition, keynote speakers at the event will be U.S. National Transportation Safety Board member Robert L. Sumwalt and Robinson Helicopter Company CEO Kurt Robinson.


During the 1 ½-day session, attendees will participate in a wide range of activities:


  • Banquet event with keynote speaker Robert L. Sumwalt, NTSB.

  • Morning session with keynote speaker Kurt Robinson, Robinson Helicopter Co.

  • Safety briefing on accident trends and industry developments from the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team, the European Helicopter Safety Team, and from the Brazilian Helicopter Safety Team.

  • The story of a miraculous landing – Julia Link, Mauna Loa Helicopters.

  • Interactive dialog with safety experts, small operators and NEMPSA on adopting a safety culture and on the safety initiatives aimed at achieving the IHST vision.


Symposium attendees also will have the opportunity to:


  • Help determine the next steps in enhancing civil helicopter safety;

  • Broaden awareness of the best safety practices and new safety technologies;

  • Familiarize themselves with new safety tools and training aids available from the IHST.




  • Thursday, February 27 - Opening Banquet, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Anaheim Marriott Ballroom


  • Friday, February 28 – Interactive Sessions, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm, Anaheim Convention Center



Register for the banquet and the full-day session at the IHST web site (www.IHST.org) or directly at https://www.ihst.org/Default.aspx?tabid=3163&language=en-US.


For questions and additional information, email michelle.turner@rotor.org.

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