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Older A109 mkII


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Anyone have experience operating/maintaining older A109s? Someone in the our leadership was decided an 1986-88 machine is the way to go to fulfill our vertical lift needs. Obviously the low purchse cost is what is driving this. My experience with older rotorcraft is limited but I'm cautious about getting into the 500K GIII scenario where what your purchasing is lot of big bills. Any inout/advice welcome.

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I have heard some actually prefer the older A109 because they are slightly faster than the new models. I have also heard that the maintenance cost are high for the Agusta.


Like any helicopter, it's about finding the right ship for your mission and the knowing the remaining life of the components. 500K is a great price for a twin unless both engines need to be overhauled. If that's the case, your purchase price just doubled.

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The 109a is not faster. In fact the A119k and Ke are faster than the 109a. I have flown each.


My company is retiring the A109a and have taken delivery of three EC135P2+ aircraft. I can tell you that they were very maintenance heavy due to their age. A lot of electrical problems, the rotor head always required oil of course. Just a lot of maintenance down time. We now are down for un scheduled MX almost never. Very nice.

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