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Training disabled vet


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Nope. I was lied to a long time ago and was told since I'm medically discharged I didn't need to contribute to the GI bill and many other bullcrap stories that lead me down the wrong road.


After a 9 year long battle trying to get my 100%, I was exhausted from fighting and stopped inquiring. 2 years after I got my 100%, I asked about education benefits and they told me everything had expired.


I asked again a year ago about anything the VA had to offer and they said I was on my own.


I am in the process of saving money, but that alone will take me another 10-15 years to save.


Anyway, I will keep looking and hopefully find some help.

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That is also another option I've been looking into. You would think that living 5 mins from Langley AFB(I'm X army), I could find a ton of training. The closest is in chesapeake like 45 mins away.


I really want to do this so I'm pushing and finding all options available.


Thank you for the input!

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