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To all the military flying folks

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Merry Christmas everyone!!! Or Happy Holidays for all yal "politically correct" folks! Best wishes to all of you and your families, may you finish out the year and start the next one out right. For anyone else in the sandbox, I'll be rolling around caroling so be on the look out... totally kidding but be safe and nice to any of us "dirty contractors" since its the holidays haha.


P.S. I made this topic under military because this is the only place I ever post (quietly lurk really)

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Hey smalltown! Hope you're making good progress on that packet! Have a great Christmas and stay safe.


Thanks Lindsey! My packet is pretty much on hold until I hit the states but I'm ready as ever to hit the ground running. Glad to see you made it home for the holidays and took a break from rollin around in the mud :)

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