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Information Sessions - College of Professional Pilots of Canada


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Dear Rotorcraft Pilots of Canada


The College of Professional Pilots of Canada is working to set up our own self-governing, professional standards organization the same as teachers, engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, and accountants have for their professions. In an effort to increase our visibility and reach out to new members, we have developed a Cross-Country schedule of Information Sessions starting in January, 2014. These free events are open to all pilots or potential future pilots that:

  • are considering joining the College but need more information first
  • have never heard of the College before
  • have concerns about the College

A board member will be present at all of the following functions to address any concerns you may have regarding this initiative and they will be happy to dispel any misinformation that may be circulating regarding the role of the College.

Each event features a presentation (45 minutes), Question & Answer period (up to 30 minutes), and a closing Meet & Greet (45 minutes). The Meet & Greet is a great networking opportunity for students or junior pilots to meet senior pilots and get invaluable career advice. All start times are 7pm local (except for Castlegar, BC on Feb. 24th which starts at 1pm).

January 13 (Mon.) - Coastal Pacific Aviation, Abbotsford Airport - Greater Vancouver, BC

January 14 (Tues.) - Victoria Flying Club, Victoria Airport - Victoria, BC

January 15 (Wed.) - Pro-IFR, Boundary Bay Airport - Greater Vancouver, BC

January 20 (Mon.) - Mount Royal University, Lincoln Park Campus – Calgary, AB (NOT at the Springbank Airport).

We will be in room EA1031 of the EA building.

January 21 (Tues.) - Mitchinson Flying Service, Saskatoon Airport – Saskatoon, SK

January 27 (Mon.) - Namao Flying Club, Villeneuve Airport - Greater Edmonton, AB

January 30 (Thurs.) - Seneca College, Newnham Campus - Greater Toronto, ON (NOT at the Buttonville Airport & NOT at the Peterborough Airport).
We will be in room A1531 of the A building.


February 3 (Mon.) - Confederation College, Thunder Bay Airport - Thunder Bay, ON.

We will be in room 221 of the Aviation Centre of Excellence.


February 6 (Thurs.) - Rockcliffe Flying Club, Rockcliffe Airport - Ottawa, ON


February 24 (Mon.) - Selkirk College, Castlegar Airport Campus, Castlegar, BC

1pm start time unlike every other presentation that starts at 7pm.


February 26 (Wed.) - Okanagan College, Kelowna, BC (This is not at the Kelowna Airport)

We will be in room E202.


March 3 (Mon.) - Sault College, Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

We will be in room M1220 of the new M-wing, also referred to as the Essar Hall building (NOT at the Canadian Sault Ste. Marie airport).

March 6 (Thurs.) - Jazz Aviation Hangar, Halifax-Stanfield Airport - Halifax, NS
We will be in Classroom B at 310 Goudey Drive.

March 10 (Mon.) - Harv's Air Pilot Training, St. Andrews Airport - Greater Winnipeg, MB

If you cannot attend any of these sessions but would like additional material to see what you missed, please advise the Ambassador Committee Chair at mikezaytsoff@collegeofpilots.ca. Please consider forwarding this post to your non-member friends and co-workers as a way of helping move our profession towards self-government.

Thank you for your time and have a safe and happy new year.


The College of Professional Pilots of Canada

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