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How hard is it to fly from Grand Junction to Denver in a helicopter?

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The Colorado Rockies stand in the way, of course, or do they?


I suppose following the Colorado River and the highway over the continental divide would keep altitude to a minimum.


In MS FSX, I followed the Amtrak (California Zephyr) train line to from GJ to Granby then 40 south to I70 at Empire then crossed the divide eastward into Denver and stayed below 12,000 feet during the whole trip. Most of the trip was below 10,000 feet.


Highways and railroads through mountain country are constructed to remain at the lowest possible altitude as it is cost-effective to build them and being that helis are happier at lower altitudes, they do best to follow the trains, rivers and the cars except through tunnels, of course.


Railroads and highways try to use mountain passes, canyons and valleys as much as possible and that is what I did in flight sim.


In the real world, I actually did ride the Amtrak from Grand Junction to Denver.

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You will be a good pilot knowing all about flying IFR...R&R.

IFR = I Follow (Rivers, Roadways or Railroads)


here is my twi-night Grand Junction to Granby, CO flight shot:rockiestwinight_zpsdc3c38ec.png

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Do you just sit around and write stupid sh*t to annoy us or is this for real? We follow the highway like anyone else does. How else do we see the signs? We normally stay at around 50-100ft to avoid the flow of fixed wing traffic and then ascend, keeping that height off the ground, as we reach the rockies. It pretty easy until you miss a highway sign, then we gotta land at a gas station, refuel with 87 octane that we can only burn for a few hours and do our best to make it there before they are only serving breakfast at Mickey D's!!!

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