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Please read this, it could change my life!

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Hi All,


Well RW-1 is on the market, I've actually I've been on the market, but we all know how frustrating that is for a new CFI  :)


Reason I have posted now is because I'm going on a trip Friday;


I'll be leaving Ft. Lauderdale and heading up to see relatives in Detroit (mainly via I-75), then out to New Jersey (city: washington) mainly via I-80, and then when thru back down the coast on I-95.


I know there has to be a flight school who might need an instructor for the 22 out there. Perhaps nearby my route I'm driving with my wife.


Please read my sesume, look over my website, and if you would like me to stop by and it isn't too far off the route,



(I'll check the site periodically while on route).


I've done a  couple of trips up to the north east already, and unfortunately they didn't work out in terms of seeking employment.


I am at the point where relocating is an option if I am going to begin a career as a CFI and move onwards from there.


My Resume can be found here:


Word doc: http://www.dynamicflight.com/Resume/Rotorcraft_resume.doc





Thank you all for your time.



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I don't know a lot about this company, but before I moved to Texas from NJ I started looking at them.




I know there is a company at the Sussex Airport that rents aircraft (I dont remember what kind) that may also be a Part 61 school.


You could try Teterboro airport in Teterboro, you can get to it from Rt 46. Take Rt. 80 East to the Totowa Exit (for Rt.46 and Rt.3) and then follow Route 46 east. After about 15-20 minutes you should see signs for Teterboro.



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ID# : 119 ; Date posted : July 19, 2004 ; Expire date : October 17, 2004 ;

Job description: We currently have two rotorcraft CFI positions open for immediate hire. Candidates should have 200hrs min. and SFAR 73 Signoff, and Robinson Helicopter safety Course. R-44 time and Instrument course are a plus


Classified Type : Need Immediately


Company : Helicopter Flight Training Inc


Salary : --


City : Ronkonkoma


State or Province : NY


Zip/Postal Code : 11779


Country : United States


Contact Name : Peter Borneman


Contact Phone : 631-588-2780


FAX : 631-588-2780


Contact E-mail: Privacy Mail

Home Page: www.helicopterflighttraininginc.com

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Thanks all, I shall endeavor to go out to HFT AJ & Jimbo ...


PF, KD, while promising, may not work out. I had an offer from a company with a Bell 47, but insurance requirements made it infeasable, the same may exist with the Bell there and the 300, but I'll find out.


Thanks, gotta hit the turnpike ...  argh, flying over it would be so much better.  ::rotorhead::



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Hey duf,


Sorry, no, not as yet. The trip was enlightening, to say the least however.


I'm back in SoFla, working to keep the rust off as best I can as $$$ is tight for flight time. Could become a losing battle.


I'm still sending resumes off, and am hopeful.

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