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Coast Guard DCA

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Its too late for me, as I am an "old fart", but if you are young, consider the Coast Guard after your Army time.


I think it would be great, esp with little to no war going on.



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The 10 years active TIS max to apply is waiverable but it's not automatic from what I've heard from two people that went USCG DCA. Even with budgets in the Coast Guard being cut, you'll fly more than what you would in an in-garrison Army. Might be a sweet transition... APTAP has good gouge and just from my observation, your odds of getting accepted greatly vary. Right now the DCA pipeline is ebbing, but some years they have tons of slots to go around.

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My issue is the age. I am 33 now, and will be right 35 ish by the time I hit the non-training 500hour flight time requirement.


Will the army give a separation for this?

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Ha at the bottom there is even a national guard q/a.... Hilarious. Thanks anyways

I was a Guard guy and looked into the possibility years ago........ I guess the answer is still the same...... Sorry but not qualified.


Enjoy your Guard time. I did 27 years total Guard/ Reserve time retiring in 2011. I would not trade that experience for anything!

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Non training 500 hr?


I've never really been interested in the CG. Doesn't really seem like a mission I'd be into.


I can't imagine why someone would not be interested in flying CG. I'm absolutely going to look into transferring when the time comes. Extremely challenging flying, sh*t hot helicopters, heck, you could be stationed in some of the most beautiful places in America.

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So in that situation, were other people flying but not you, since you were new or something? or was it a matter of funds? Is this common? Because it sounds like it would suck.


Got there when the unit was getting ready to redeploy so I was on rear-D for a few months. Then I got to the unit and the aircraft were in reset. Add all that to a summer spent in ALSE school and it just worked out that I didn't fly for a long time.


It wasn't too bad and allowed me to re-cage a bit after flight school.


As an outsider the Coast Guard looks amazing.

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