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Breaking into Utility...

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Just curious what your story is for breaking into the utility side, or more specifically, the fire side. Just curious of other peoples experiences. Maybe it will help someone else out along the line!

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Definitely second that emotion on the firefighting question. I see a lot of openings for fire jobs with crazy minimums--4000 plus hours, as well as USFS Fire card and long line experience. Fire jobs seem to have a chicken-and-egg issue--you can't get the job without the qualifications, but you can't get the qualifications without the job. I've also been told that many of these positions are seasonal, and it seems as if they have exceptionally high qualifications for irregular work. I'm speaking out of ignorance here, so maybe my initial impressions are wrong, but how does the hiring process work, how is the job, and how much does it pay?

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I am also seeking advice for entering the utility field-- powerline/pipeline patrol, powerline work, fires, longline/seismic, or construction. Some FAR 133 experience, have flown Bell, Sikorsky, and Eurocopter equipment, ATP, 5000 Helicopter/4000 Helicopter PIC, First Class Medical, Clean record, willing to relocate as necessary. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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