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Hello forum members,

I searched but was unable to find anything in relation to my subject, hence the new post.


I come to you seeking alternate answers to my dilema. I am in the proccess of putting together a WOCS-WOFT packet but ive hit a roadblock with the recruiter. He informed me that he cannot schedule me for a physical at MEPS or a Flight physical until I relinquish my VA Partial Disability benefits.


A little background on me: I am a former 11B, served 5 years 05'-10', got injured in my first deployment (IED during the surge in OIF). I am about to finish my B.S. at FIU in Miami FL. I applied for partial disability in leg scars, following the directions i was given at the time while ETSing. My Partial disability is only for scars, nothing that prevents me from running, lifting, jumping etc.


I am going to MEPS tomorrow myself to see if I can find someone to talk to. The reason I do not want to just drop my disability benefit is because being accepted into WOCS is never a sure thing. Of course I am confident in my packet, but loosing out on a lifetime benefit if I am not selected is not in my best interest.


I suppose one of the first questions that I have is if anyone has faced a similar situation and how the handled it? Otherwise, is there a loophole I am not aware of? or perhaps is there anybody here that works in USAREC that might have more insight than my recruiter? My recruited already told me I should enlist back into infantry and apply for WOFT from within, so I dont fully trust him either.


Thanks in advance for any help on this subject, and I apologize for making such a long winded first post.

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I sure don't see any reason to re-enlist. You know the drill. That is just recruiter speak. But I can say this. There are absolutely no loopholes to getting into flight school. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Concerning physical abilities, the flight physical must be passed. I don't know of anyone with a disability, real or on paper, that has been accepted. I do know of a couple pilots who earned purple hearts while enlisted. I also know for a fact that they were not receiving disability or continuing to receive military care for their injuries at the time they applied.


If you are looking for a way to see if you will be accepted before dropping your government checks, I don't think it exists. Very straight forward, you will have to determine what matters more to you. Receiving a lifetime paycheck for what you say is not a physical disability or dropping it in hopes of earning a paycheck without a disability.

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