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Need help!


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I'm a 14 year old boy from Australia. I've never been able to figure out what career path I want. I'm really interested in being a helicopter pilot now, I don't come from a rich family (i don't know if that makes a difference) I also want to travel the world when I'm older, so does being a helicopter pilot pay well?


Any information will help ~ Cody

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Hi Cody,

At 14, you don’t need to figure out a career path. Go to school, get good grades and enjoy being a teenager as this part of your life won’t last very long. The career, work, job, life will be here when you finish school. Have some fun and soil your royal oats. Life is short; don’t be in such a big hurry to grow up……..

If anything, get an after-school job and save your money so you can pay for your helicopter training once you graduate from high school and/or collage……

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There is nothing wrong with having an idea of what you want to do at that age. Some people don't have a clue until they are much older.


In the US we have civil air patrol; it gives younger people a chance to experience aviation. Not sure if there is anything similar in your country. Go to some small airfields, show interest and ask questions. The military is also a great (free) route to go later on. The earlier you do start, the further ahead you will be down the road if you stick with it. I've got friends my age who are already retiring.


The money is not too bad after you've had some time in the professional ranks, especialy in comparison to other career fields that do not require a college degree. You won't become rich, but you wont starve either.

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