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U.S. Army Choppers Land in Polish Fields to Seek Guidance

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Yeah the article was totally misleading. It says they asked for guidance but at the bottom it said they landed due to weather. There could have been many factors that contributed, a few of the aircraft could have been circle red X'd from IMC or icing, and the weather might have been bad at their destination. Landing on the ground is usually going to be safer than a 6 ship IMC breakup, although we practice it regularly.


The comments are horrible, too. Clearly people that know nothing about aviation.

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The apache landing in Dallas had me shaking my head at the writing. "Military style helicopter". No hunny, that was MILITARY. There are no civilians rolling around in an apache unless you count that demo team I think. Maybe I'm wrong and there is a civilian version of the apache but the 30mm is only semi auto?

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Yea, that was just a case of friendly conversation with locals and you don't speak the language, and they might not speak much english. Ask a few people what the name of the village is, or the right way to pronounce it, and it could easily be misconstrued as you don't know where you are when you're really just making small talk.

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