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Most Memorable Cx Flights?

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This was a 3 day Cx time building flight with no GPS.

Lots of Dead Reckoning flight practice. Weather Brief: winds 0 knots though 18k, Clear skys, no turbulance, 68 deg in mountains.


Problems faced: No enroute airports sold maps! Thankfully we took Ipads and an external battery pack to recharge the ipads with. Upon arrival in Mariposa Yosimite we discovered they had suffered a power outage and did not have a manual fuel pump requiring a detour to Merced RGNL.. "look at Merced closely on map" It took my instructor and I nearly 20 minutes to figure out there is an Abandoned Tower at Merced! We where informed by a passing Lear Jet that was wondering why we where flying in circles trying to get tower to respond!


Bishop Airport, was closed on monday?


N37°12.86' W117°49.27' Unable to contact Oakland through 10k.

dropped to 400' and continued.

Biggest Hurdle: N37°28.74' W118°41.01

Camping locations:

boundry of special use air space: N37°12.73' W117°49.18',

Someones cow pasture: N34°51.68' W106°25.81'

Parked Heli in grandparents back yard.

N35°28.69' W94°12.26'

Suffered an Engine Failure: N36°33.66' W105°16.45'

DA: 13k roughly


It was the most amazing trip ever!


After everything was done and i was back home and flying again my wife even recieved a phone call saying she owed money because i had been declared dead upon arrival!!!

They had gotten the paperwork mixed up with another accident and somehow i was listed as deceased! (didn't have a scratch on me)




Below is a ap of the trip.



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As a student, flying to Monterey to get a burger and ice cream. Did some off airport landings on the way and was stoked to talk to approach and the tower in a charlie airspace. I loved it and repeated that flight many times with my students.

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I've probably posted this before...


Flying a Long Ranger on a "special" (day charter, not a long term contract job) for a Gulf of Mexico East Cameron something or other field, not far off shore. Short hops and watch TV all day. Then, right after lunch, field boss asks at what time I have to leave? "Specials" want every second of the day that they've paid for. I tell'em, and no problem, deadline arrives and I'm pulling pitch for a twenty-five minute flight to Intracoastal PHI.

Ten minutes along, I'm against a white wall of fog on the left, pushing me from Northeasterly towards East. The cloud goes from the water as high as I can see, a well defined, crisp wall of white moving Southeast. Then I meet another 206 coming the other way and I go air-to-air "Air Log 206 in North Vermillion Southwesterly, where you coming from?"

"New Iberia for Cameron, you?"

"North end of East Cam for ICY. This go all the way?"

"Yeah, I hit it as I neared Intracoastal. Been pushing me left, faster than I expected when I beached out."

I said "It's clear blue and 22 offshore. Good luck."

Click, click.

I can see Marsh Island coming ahead, the penninsula from the, ah- "mainland"- is about to be covered up. Okay, I can beach in by down-time (half hour before sunset) and then I'll head for Morgan City PHI. Look at the dwindling "mainland" coast... Hey, there's a little hole in the wall where the fog bank goes from land to water! "Intracoastal, what's your weather?" on the ICY local freq.

"500, vis unlimited, frontal passage fifteen ago."

Descending right 360 to approach what I think might be a way through the fog bank at a shallow enough angle to easily turn away if I don't like what I see...

Durn, it is a hole, looks like the ceilings quickly improve, I can almost see blue sky at the horizon. Down to a 150' or so, left into and through the hole, shallow climb, "Intracoastal, N12345 is ten south for PHI."

That time it worked.

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Most memorable for me was a training flight while working on my commercial license. Took off from Denton, TX (KDTO). Flew helicopter routes thru the middle of DFW and over to downtown Dallas. Flew clockwise around downtown Dallas and landed at the vertiport (49T) at the convention center. Return trip was straight up I-35E back to Denton.

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Most memorable for me was a training flight while working on my commercial license. Took off from Denton, TX (KDTO). Flew helicopter routes thru the middle of DFW and over to downtown Dallas. Flew clockwise around downtown Dallas and landed at the vertiport (49T) at the convention center. Return trip was straight up I-35E back to Denton.



That would be very cool. I have some family in Denton and have wanted to fly through there just haven't got the opportunity yet.

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Well I've only flown a handful of cross countries myself but I had the opportunity to fly from Prescott KPRC to Scottsdale KSDL at night so we got to follow cars on the highway with mountains off on either side. It was also right before Christmas so we got to see lots of Christmas lights and other displays on our way down. On our way back we stopped at Deer Valley and did some patterns there and it was a slow night so my instructor asked them to demonstrate the light gun so we did a few patterns just following light gun signals.


I've also flown three times from KPRC to Sedona and thats one awesome trip in a 22 because we have to fly above a mountain pass because there really is no where else to go and Sedona has a cliff side at either end and really beautiful views.


I was a passenger for two flights above Dallas Fort Worth area getting to fly near dallas, fort worth, all around KDFW within like 3 miles of the airport fly way north to the Oklahoma border along with flying west of Fort Worth. Landed at Denton, Sherman, Grand Prairie and some other places. Pretty awesome two flights.

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