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Rotory Wing Photo/Video Interships?

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Well it has been a long time since I last wrote a post here on VR, school has pretty much taken over my life but I want to try and start getting back into rotary wing, still hoping to get my PPL after this. Anyway, I am currently majoring in film and I just attended a meeting about interships for our majors. What I found at this meeting is that everyone goes to the same couple of places but the department will pretty much let us go anywhere we can get approval from, so with that being said I really would like to find a helo-cinema company that I could possibly intern with. Finding guys around here in DFW is a little difficult so I thought I would appeal to the same place where I started with my inrest in rotary wing. Anyone who has suggestions or ideas I would be very greateful to hear from.


Thanks ya'll

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Our local ENG contracts are all with SKY except WFAA who has their own AS350. Do the contract companies normally provide shooters or is that the responsiblilty of the stations? I'm not as well versed as I woudl like to be when it comes to the ENG side of things.

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I will defenitly get in contact with EPIC, I have seen their website and thought I should drop them a line.


send Ryan at http://www.flightflixcameras.com a message and he might have some ideas for you. He's a commercial pilot, video editing guru, and on-board HD camera specialist too


Do you have any contact info for Ryan at Flight Flix? I can only find the general info email on the website.

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