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Vegas tour operators and facial hair?

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I can't answer your question (regarding current practice), but will say that when I did fly Grand Canyon tours, my employer was quite strict about facial hair. One spring an applicant from Europe entered our program, and he stayed at my place in Henderson for a few days. He had a beard and was told to shave it. He became quite upset, and eventually quit over the issue.


He was a low time pilot, and needed the job, but he couldn't get over the notion of someone invading his personal choice, so he left.


While there are issues with pilots and oxygen mask seal, they're irrelevant in that environment, and of course most all helicopter operations. The safety factor aside, it's a public image issue, and the public does tend to see a pilot as clean cut. While facial hair has made a come back, the public isn't nearly as fast to appreciate it on a pilot.


Personally, whether it's considered appropriate or in vogue doing strip or SFAR tours, I'd steer away from wearing a beard, especially with that kind of flying.

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It's been a few years since I was flying out there but I think you just had to have a groomed beard if you have one.


When I was hired, they told me they were hiring 15 pilots that year and they had well over 1,000 resumes. So - if you show up for an interview with an wild beard and a neck tatoo then yeah, that's going to hurt your chances. I recommend being clean shaven, get a suit, have three copies of your resume, carry a pen, have questions to ask, etc.


The 1000 hr market is extremely competitive and if you're worried about trimming your beard, then you're worried about the wrong stuff...

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We trained a guy a few years back and who flew for me in Torrance. He later went and flew a couple of years and then did hiring for many years in Vegas and I just got of the phone with him. They can't discriminate against you but..... you can't have the mountain man look or the wild and crazy look. You need something presentable to clients. He thought a short Gotee or short beard like something nicely trimmed would work. Prefers clean cut. If I were looking for a job there I would be about as clean cut as I could as it sounds like it makes a difference.

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Its funny my last interview to fly tours (not in Vegas) I was as clean shaven as a babies behind, dressed like I just came off Wall Street. My interviewer, scruffy go-tee, unironed short-sleeved shirt, red shorts, and a sleeve tattoo for all to see!

Yeah, but he already had the job...

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