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Helicopter Shirts


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I saw some Military versions so I wanted to create a couple Civilian Shirts.


So here are some Christmas Helicopter shirts.






If you have any suggestions or ideas for other helicopter shirts you would like to see let me know!

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Hey brettjeepski……..I hope you don't mind that I am tagging along with my own design on your post. In fact, since I'm being such a coattail rider here, I will order one of yours just for the intrusion! I actually do like it by the way.


Anyway, here is something I have come up with:




You can go there and check out the two designs in three colors each that I have come up with. I would at the very least like to hear what anyone thinks about the simple, clean design I have made.


You can also go to my FB page, and please "like" the page! I have 2 more much more unique designs in the works. This campaign is doing pretty well, so I am sure I will bring out the next design soon. Hope you guys and gals like (and order) them!





Also, sorry again for piggybacking Brett. Now I'll go order one of yours.

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