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Helicopter Air to Air Refuelling


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Lots of things take concentration. In a former life, before NVGs and GPS were invented, we flew multi-ship formations, sometimes large formations, at night, with no external lights at all. You flew close formation on the instrument lights in the ship you were on, and the guy on your wing used your instrument lights. This went from takeoff to the destination, where you landed in formation, to one pathfinder with one strobe, maybe, through the subsequent takeoff and back home. More than one rotor disk separation and you had a problem. No time for peeing in bottles or anything else, you concentrated full time. The alternatives were not pretty, no matter what. Day formations were a little easier, but still required close concentration. If you couldn't hack that, you never made it through flight school. I've never done any air-to-air refueling, but I doubt it takes much more concentration than night formations, and certainly doesn't last as long. If you're going to fly helicopters for a living, you're going to have to do things that require close concentration, at least sometimes. It's not just lollygagging from place to place.

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