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Route advice for r22 from texas to california


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It would depend on where if California you are going. However, Robinson has a required route for ferry flights out of the factory. I would consider that a starting point. It basically follows I-10. A good deal of the area along your route of flight can be quite hostile, so personally I would not get too far from the interstate.

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If you are gonna go down the I-10, put it on a trailer and save a ton of money getting it there :-)

Can i still log pic time if i sit in the cockpit while on a trailer? I need the pic time more than i need the money. Wait, what? Oh, thats right, im still a desperate low time pilot. No wonder my money logic has gone out the window!


This r22 will only have a single vor and foreflight. If im gonna fly close enough to see the highway, i might as well Be right next to the highway since it will most likely be at the low points. Ive rerouted my plans to follow i-10 and it looks better than my original route. Thanks!

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