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Advertising for expanding helicopter services (suggestions?)


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The guy I contract fly for leases a single R44 that we fly tours with under Part 91 throughout the year however, we want to expand our abilities to offer other aerial work and survey type services as well with the helicopter (outside of Part 135 stuff.)


My boss uses several means of advertising tour flights for the helicopter, but are unsure of ways to advertise for services outside of tours. He's in the process of transforming our website with a new layout so the first thing I recommended was getting those additional services on our website that we have to offer up.


I presume it'll basically be word of mouth type advertising to get that kind of information out to the public initially, and then as people visit our website and see that we offer other aerial services besides tours, the name will get out around the internet.


Any of you guys with experience in that area have any other recommendations as far as how we could advertise for those services that we wish to provide?



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How about attaching a digital sign under the helicopter? I've seen it done, its pretty cool.


I've got a digital sign to sell if anyone wants it. It has the holes drilled for both the R22 and the R44.

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