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Flight Safety Int'l Simulator Instruction


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I've trained there. The material is verbatim from manufacturers documents, both flight and maintenance. I've undertaken pilot and mechanic courses and had my pro card maintained there. I've even been through FSI's oldest program, which is the Sabreliner course in St. Louis. I've been to Dallas on a number of occasions.


I have interviewed for FSI but haven't accepted work there. It would be a great choice. I've run simulators and training programs, and FSI and Simuflite both offer some top notch training.


That said, it's well known that FSI is about money; it's hard to fail their training; passing is largely paying the fee; what the attendee gets out of it is up to the individual. Nobody at FSI will force learning into you, nor will it distill by osmosis. I've known a number of individuals who came out of FSI as borderline incompetent (I know of one case in which the instructor asked one of our people if the person in question was actually a pilot; he was that bad, and yet he passed and continued to pass. Being the man who signs the checks does that.


I prefer simuflite's publications to FSI, but they're both good. They will not deviate from the manufacturers procedures, for liability reasons. Their people are well trained, and their material, lessons, and training is standardized and well presented.


It's also expensive.

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