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USAREC selects for WOCS and then I may get picked up for WOFT?

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Ok serious question here -


At the recruiters office this morning. Finalizing my packet for battalion board interview, everything on my end is complete.


My interview is scheduled for Jan 13th.


He says USAREC deadline is Jan 30th for a Feb 9th USAREC board.


This is where things get confusing.....


He said he just spoke with some authority at MEPS, and the USAREC board will be to determine if I am eligible for WOCS. If I get approved by the USAREC board, then I can go sign a contract for WOFT at MEPS and get my ship date for basic. That the only reason I won't get to flight school is if I failed the more thorough physical they conduct at WOCS.


I was under the impression I need to go through another board - like the May selection board through Ft Rucker - right??


Everything I read on this forum says otherwise so it's safe to say I'm a little confused.

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Hey man I'm with ya. I just kinda thought something fishy was going on when he told me I'll enlist after the USAREC board.


My recruiter is actually my previous recruiters boss, super squared away guy and really being helpful with my packet (which is awesome) I'm 99.99% sure he thought he heard something he really didn't and had a long day or something.


It was just alarming and I thought I would see what you all thought.

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USAREC is the final board. Battalion interview approves your packet to go to the USAREC board. There is no "Rucker board." My experience with board dates is that there is usually a lot of confusion around the scheduling since the civilian boards are not the same as the active duty ones.

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So you are saying my recruiter is right about the USAREC board, but that doesn't explain the dates he is giving me.


Everyone on this website seems to be shooting for a January, then May selection. Are those USAREC board selections? Does Rucker not handle selection anymore?

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I got selected last year, street to seat, and on xmas break from WOCS.


Go to the board or your batallion interview. They asked for my 1st class medical, if I didn't pass that then it was kindda pointless for them to interview me.


Then your packet gets pushed up the chain. Your recruiter should only have to submit your packet before the deadline for the board. You should not have to physically pass through any more boards, but your packet will. That's what happened with me, but I was originally told I might need to fly for a secondary board, it's just miscommunication.


Unless stated otherwise by the Warrant Officer site, you should only need to submit your packet with the board dates that have your MOS listed.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the input Diesel. The USAREC website says the next board is JAN and then MAY for 153A applicants.


I'm not sure where my recruiter and his superior's information is coming from regarding a FEB board.

Misinformation, since the process isn't very common they have varying information on it, it happened to me. Worst case, your recruiter might want to call my recruiter over in PR. He now understands the process very well.


Caguas, PR ARMY Recruiting Station

SFC Rodriguez

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I would love to paste a link from the USAREC website that explained everything, but that site is in the worst state of disarray than I have ever seen it before. The previous page for civilian applicants is no longer accessible, all the information available is for military applicants of one form or another, and a goodly number of hyperlinks lead to dead ends.

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Thanks for the input Linc and Diesel. I have recently cleared it up with my recruiter, he was looking at the wrong board dates. I figured that was the case, but you never know.


I'm almost set for the May board, getting my battalion board interview and flight physical done in 2 weeks.

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