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Any Orlando area companies?


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I'm just looking to branch out on my days off and network with any of the surrounding helicopter companies around the Orlando or Melbourne areas. Not necessarily the small tour operators, but any of the ENG outfits or otherwise. The rotary wing atmosphere is EXTREMELY small time out here around the Kennedy Space Center surrounding area (except for Bristow.)


Wouldn't mind popping in and sneaking a peak at some machines and making talk about flying. Do any of you Florida men or women have connections out here?


Thanks in advance.

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There is a 407 in Orlando and a 206B or L I see sitting on the ramp in Tampa. I would say 1,500 to 2,000 and some time in type at the minimum. It's not a very desirable job for many as you really have very little actual time off. Pay is in the low 60's so a very low daily rate. You are home every night, though.

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