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Unbelievable Situation - Crash Video


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Watch Video Here: http://bit.ly/1KinmrR

Most interesting video - Swash plate link fails causing loss of collective input. Following a flight-testing incident in experimental helicopter ZK-HOL SN#003 on Saturday 8 November 2014, Composite Helicopters International Test Pilots Peter Maloney and Norbert Idelon reflect on their emergency landing and the technology that saved them.


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Wow...stuck at 500 feet and being tossed about like a doll...I am not sure I personally would like to experience that, but this team was very professional about the occurance and stayed focused all the way to touchdown. Amazing structure to still be in one piece like that and I would put money on this ships design being why these two pilots are alive today!

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Awesome! I was surprised that the findings placed the cause of the rod end failure as "high cycle fatigue". Used parts? I wouldn't think they would achieve high cycles in a prototype design. The fuselage integrity is impressive and the modification to include 2 points of attachment in subsequent models shows why I never like to fly "A" models.


Thanks for posting this Lyn

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