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Blame Frank...really?


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A latest job ad says "Blame Frank Robinson" after posting a weight limit of 175lbs for new hires.


What a joke! They're gonna blame Frank for everyone in their area being big fat asses!


I'm about 190lbs, and it ain't Franks fault, but it might have something to do with the fact that I eat at Micky D's every day...and cookies every night...ha!


Lose weight Jabba!

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Lol I saw that too...why balme Frank when he rates the seat for 240 or 300 lbs depending on the ship. Blame the employer for being stingy on their hiring limits.

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The r22 was designed for "executive transportation" and fits that role perfectly. Its about perfect for photo, too.

Executive transportation? Since when? The r22 was initially suppose to be for personal transportation before it got turned into a trainer. I would hardly say personal transportation is "executive."


And how could you possibly say the aircraft fits the role perfectly as an "executive transport"? It doesn't executively transport ANYBODY.

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Sometimes with 3 overly large individuals in the helicopter with you and 7 gallons onboard having to do a max performance just to get out of the confined area you're at, every pound counts, especially when the temps are 100* even at sea level. I've had to pull red line more than a few times just to get up and out of the takeoff area.


I've got a West/East direction to approach and depart from in our current location. The east direction allows me to do more of a shallow takeoff while the west direction is always a max performance and typically requires finesse when winds aren't present to give me added performance. The west departure has 80' power lines I have to clear and usually I'm just passing through ETL by the time I'm coming up and over them.

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Some memories still make me cringe...


I had an honorable customer get stuck in the front door of a Bell 206. I mean: "STUCK".




For what it's worth (not-a-lot) here's the link:


Of Helicopters and Humans (#31) - A mental Midget - "Moggy the Comforter"



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