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Deciding on which school

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I recommend Middle River Aviation or Helicopter Academy. Helicopter Academy grantees a job after you log 300 hours with them. With Middle River Aviation, you could probably negotiate the same, perhaps with less hours.

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I'll second the vote for Quantum. I have no experience with the others so it's not a vote against them but went to Quantum for a couple add on ratings and found the owner, Neil Jones, to be very professional and accommodating. All instructors I interacted with were great as was the quality of helicopters and maintenance. Not only is there a possibility of work there after completion but I got the impression that Neil Jones created an atmosphere for his instructors to move on to other jobs and facilitated this when possible.


If your in the area of those two schools I'd try to spend some time hanging out a little and observe their interactions. Things like aircraft and instructor availability when scheduling will have a huge impact on you too.

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