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2015 WOCSOP?

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I am trying to find the latest WOCSOP. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of it? I looked on the information provided to me by command but the address they gave me simply takes me to the Combined Arms Center and under the search function I cannot locate the WOCSOP. Thanks for the help.

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If you google milsuite click on the first link.


Click "I Agree" the select you certificate for a CAC login.


A page should open up with buttons for MilBook, MilWiki, MilTube and maybe a few more.


Click the one that says MilBook.


In the top right search bar type "2014 WOCS SOP"


From there you should have a few links to a few PDFs of the SOP.


Let me know how you make out. Follow these steps exactly because of you don't enter it into the correct search bar I don't believe you will find it.

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I'm having trouble accessing MilSuite. I try to login with my CAC and it gives me the page not trusted error in regards to the certificate. I've already tried to install the DOD root certificate with no luck. I ran across a 2007 WOCSOP and I have been paging through it but I would really like the most recent edition.

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They will be updating their Aug 2014 version, just sayin. :D


Don't leave your ASUs in the laundry before the class starts.

They will be changing it to the end of time. Gotta make sure everyone is on their toes. But for the purpose of getting a general idea of what is ahead and also to get a slight head start on stenciling (which apparently doesn't ever really get looked at) the updates and changes don't matter.

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Just to update this in case anyone comes across it in the future. We were informed when we classed up that the WOCSOP was becoming a protected document. They were kind of upset that the hangar was selling them and werent sure how they got it. The idea of having one prior to classing up even got tossed around as being an honor code violation going forward. We had ours taken away, and then given back a few days later about a week or two in if we had purchased it. Someone should confirm what the status of it is now but just be careful. Would hate to see someone get burned over this.

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