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Approved/Disapproved waivers ?

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Starting this thread to get some specific information in regards to waivers that have been approved or disapproved. Specifically Moral waivers.


Please include:

Board date submitted


Brief description of waiver request


Approved / Disapproved


Reasoning for Disapproval


How early did you submit your package prior to the board date to ensure timeliness for waiver approval?


And if Approved and you don't mind helping some of us future applicants out, please provide your Waiver request as an example.



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This is going to be very time/year and location dependent.


Attached is a link to AR 601-210 which covers joining the Army. Ch4 is fun.




The problem is Recruitig Command sends out "messages" almost daily that will change the reg, sometimes for a few day, sometimes indefinitely.


Sometimes a few traffic tickets don't matter, but then five becomes a BN waiver.

Or a DUI may be a BN waiver or a CO waiver.

Or no DUI waivers at all.


This stuff literally changes daily, and without notice.


So somebody who joined in '07 may have tattoos on their neck and a marinuana charge and just gotten in with a BN waiver.

In 2012 there's no way.


Or a DUI over five years may be approved if you have a degree and live in MT and no be if it was two years ago and the commander in NC hates DUIs.


And depends on if it was sealed, or you have court docs, or if is just a statement written by you admitting to it.



Not sure this is what you wanted, but it is how it works. Needs of the Army.


Good luck.

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