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What's missing in all the drone discussion is 'skin in the game' for drone operators. I'd suggest a couple million dollars bond as a starting point.

Imagine hitting a drone- you die, your aircraft a total loss. Consider drones in comparison with how problematic lasers are...


Here's the players after you're a smoking hole:

Investigating officer "What were you doing?"

Judgement-proof drone operator "I didn't see the helicopter coming. Hello, Amazon? I want another drone, here's my credit card number..."

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Excactly. It's also going to replace a lot of helicopter jobs, the 'when' is just a matter of legality.


Law enforcement, ENG, aerial photography, pipeline patrol, and so forth will be the first to go the way of the drone. Along with unique applications, not-so-distant replacements of the helicopter include hauling cargo (e.g. slingloads), aerial agricultural spraying, fire fighting, and so on. The writing is on the wall. A wise man or woman would begin to investing themselves in a new non-aviation set of skills.

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A large bond/insurance policy might be a good idea to give potential operators a wake up call to the seriousness of the situation. However, the whole reason the FAA's rules are weak is because they don't want to make UAV operation 'inaccessible'. So I don't think they will be on board with a million dollar bond requirement. : (


I heard a radio interview yesterday with the man in charge of a three university research team that is soley focused on small UAV operations. He seemed pretty reasonable. He said that we need t new laws about privacy from congress and new regulations from FAA about the airspace directly over private property 0-500 ft. Unfortunately he made a general statement about the lower levels of class G airspace being totally under used and "there really isn't any traffic there because airplanes all fly much higher." I guess he's never heard of helicopters or the low level work they do. Knuckle head. It's going to take a large fatal accident to wake these people up.

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They throw the word Drone around like its water! Its so much hot air, when I hear the word drone or UAV I am thinking of things like the MQ-9's, not the line of sight remote controlled Aircraft that was considered pretty much toys till the cameras gotten small enough and good enough to take pretty good photos and video, just like cell phones! Its all nonsense! But if you are going to operate them in a manner other that just flying around like RC use to just do, then knowing at least some of the Aviation Regs and the airspace long with where you can and can not fly makes sense to me, making them pay a fee to the FAA for it well that is pure bs, but hey the Feds for some odd reason can spend money hands over fifths on junk that nobody wants, so I guess they could use the $ 300 bucks!

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The FAA is still collecting comments on the proposed UAS regulation for the next couple weeks.




Do yourself a favor and head over and leave a comment to the powers that be about the UAS rules change. And yes, you can remain anonymous.

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