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HeliExpo Photos


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Here are some more from the Expo, some are duplicates, sorry, i don't have time to go thru them and separate.


It was great seeing so many friends, sorry to miss those that didn't make it this year. It actually seemed that the attendance was way down from past years and completely weird that Goldy wasn't present. There are some remarkable things going on in the industry tho so we can look forward to that. The composite helicopters are very nice looking and i expect they will be a viable platform, it's a ways out tho.


Simulator tech is getting better all the time with Elite out in front by far.. FRASCA had one of their TruFlight sims up-graded to a level 5 which was very cool, but the price is around $500k so that takes it out of the reach of the folks that need it most (flight schools). We bought one of Elite's TH22s, hope to have it installed in a couple of weeks. There are others out there that are cool, but impractical (imho), they would be if you could buy one for ~$10-$20K, and i think the market is already showing that. Elite presented another new one at the show for the first time (we were at the factory in November and it wasn't there, so it's real new), the resolution was simply amazing.. it's not out yet but will be soon, it is modeled after a Bell 206.. hopefully we can afford one of those as well. I am excited to see this tech getting better and more affordable as it's crucial for a good flight training program.


I think the Hillers were from 'United', but not sure, just going by memory. They were really nice looking.


It was nice to see HAI's commitment to training and communication. There was a lot of that going on with the Rotorcraft Safety Challenges being well attended.



anyway, here's the photos;







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It actually seemed that the attendance was way down from past years and completely weird that Goldy wasn't present.


Thanks Dennis...It was strange not being there! Next year I'm all over it!



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